Introducing Replenish 3.0

The first fully customizable packaging platform for liquid concentrates.

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Replenish System
Replenish System

Refill Smart™

No pouring, no mess, no fuss. Just push down on the refill pod until the measuring cup is full, turn over and add water.



Would you like to buy a product thats uses the Replenish Refill System? Try CleanPath®, an eco friendly line of home cleaners that proudly uses the Replenish Refill System.

Replenish Eliminates Waste

Our Mission

Replenish wants to eliminate the waste of buying products in disposable plastic bottles.

Many of the products we buy are 90% water, with only a small amount of active ingredients. Despite already having water in our homes, these products are packaged and shipped in disposable plastic bottles that are often used once and thrown away.

This inefficiency in how products are sold and marketed to us not only waste money in manufacturing and shipping but creates billions of pounds of wasted plastic and energy for the environment.

Why concentrates?

Mix at Home

Concentrates use water from our home instead of adding it in a factory.

Save Time & Money

Saves money, time and storage space in our homes.

Reuseable Bottles

Facilitates the use of reusable packaging that eliminates plastic waste.

1 = 6

Get more than you ever expected with concentrate refill pods. By adding water at home, families save money, companies reduce waste and the planet is a little cleaner.

Replenish Pods

The Benefits of Replenish.

Easy and Simple

Stop pouring heavy, messy and bulky refill containers. Refill pods attach and mix inside the reusable bottle.

Save Money

Less waste equals less cost which means more money saved for manufacturers, retailers and you.

Eliminate Waste

Reusable bottle + concentrate refill pods reduce plastic, energy and pollution by 80-90%, while conserving natural resources.

The inspiration behind Replenish.

Jason Foster, our founder, was ironing his shirts one day when he realized that a large, clunky, disposable bottle of ironing spray was 90% water and less than 10% actual ingredients. In fact, Foster realized this was true for almost all the household products we love and buy everyday.

Foster envisioned a simple design that would turn a disposable bottle into a reusable tool for good, capable of eliminating waste and saving money.

Replenish Founder - Jason Foster



Would you like to buy a product that uses the Replenish Refill System? Try CleanPath®, an eco friendly line of home cleaners that proudly uses the Replenish Refill System.

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