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Become a ReuserTM

We love recycling. Unfortunately, all too often recycling is just throwing away something, but done with a better conscience. Where it goes after it’s out of your hands is a matter of faith. We know you expect better.

And we know we can all do better. Let’s reuse what’s already been made. Let’s get a couple of more lunches out of those sandwich bags or find something for a shoebox to hold. It’s a smarter way to use products. It’s a better way for us all to live.

I am a Reuser

I pledge, to the best of my ability, to squeeze every drop out of every last drop. To challenge the notion that nothing lasts forever. To take matters into my own hands and Mix Local. To think what I do through to the end. And to enjoy a clean home and tidy conscience. I pledge to be a Reuser.

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Non-Disposable Knowledge

  • Recycled PlasticOnly 7% of the 60 billion pounds of plastic discarded annually is recycled. Most communities can only recycle PET or HDPE
  • Eco-FootprintMixing Replenish Concentrate Pods at home uses 90% less plastic, oil and CO2 emmissions versus pre-mixed cleaners.